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Client: Brain Gain Recruiting

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Custom Search

Irina Shamaeva was referred to Level Five Graphics, Inc. to produce a book cover for her upcoming book entitled “Custom Search – Discover More: A Complete Guide to Google Programmable Search Engines”.

We discussed a number of search-related metaphors and discovered that the concept of “the needle in the haystack” was fairly universal and widely understandable across different cultures.

Irina and co-author David Galley run a tech-focused recruiting business, Brain Gain Recruiting, in Silicon Valley, and have developed the techniques for customized searches using Google’s programable search engines as tools for their business.  They are generously sharing their expertise in this book.

The cover is a 3D illustration produced in Maxon Cinema 4D and the type design in Adobe InDesign.

Congratulations to Irina Shamaeva and David Galley on the publication of your book!