Memorable, clear, impactful: your story, our visuals

Medical, Science & Technical Illustration

Communicates complex ideas for journals, colleagues, media, clients

Medical-Legal Illustration​

Presents facts of a medical malpractice, personal injury, or intellectual property case in an easy-to-grasp way for the jury​

3D Rendering and Animation​

Realistic to fantastic renderings or animations​

Editorial Illustration​

To evoke an emotion, tell a story and move your audience​

Patent Illustration​

To submit a patent, produce a user manual, or produce documentation

Infographics and Timelines​

Helps your audience see trends, grasp big data and interrelatedness​

Presentation & Educational Design

PowerPoint slide decks, posters, convention displays, speaker support, museum exhibit design​

Art Direction​

Publication redesigns, corporate identity, advertising campaigns​

Graphic Design

Printed product, publications, long documents, advertising, logos, swag, and more​

Decorative Work​

Ornamental art, open water landscapes, and custom architectural metal​