Couture goes Covid-19

The life of an artwork is hard to predict. An old design finds new life during the corona virus pandemic.This Icy Mermaid illustration decorated tee-shirts to mark the New Years Day Alcatraz swim of the South End Rowing and Dolphin Clubs in 2011.The shirts were produced by Access Uniforms in Burlingame on a deep navy […]

California Motorcyclist Safety Program

Level Five Graphics is proud to support the effort to make motorcycling safer, and get more people involved in motorcycling. Congratulations to California Motorcyclist Safety Program and their contractor, Total Control Training, Inc. (TCTI), author of this curriculum. State crash statistics show they have successfully reducing the number of motorcyclist fatalities three years in a […]

Life-Saving Pilot Class

The South End Rowing Club is a premiere spot for marathon swim training in the open water. Athletes come from all over the world to train and accomplish 10 to 50 mile swims in San Francisco and beyond. To keep the swimmers safe from container ships, fishing traffic and other denizens of the water, having […]

SF Mercantile sells Zina’s Prints

Located in the historic Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco Mercantile specializes in California keepsakes designed by artists who live, love and laugh in the Golden State. The “Open Water: San Francisco” series of prints caught owner, Robert Emmons’, eye. They are attractive and unusual in that they show a swimmer’s perspective from the water.

WOWSA Nominee 2019

In a sport of life and death, high achievements are run-of-the-mill. Level Five is so honored to be in the company of giants and recognized for our“Open Water: San Francisco” calendar of landscapes! World Open Water Swimming Association, one of the very few official bodies of the sport, recognized Zina’s artwork and nominated her calendarfor […]

New Years Day Alcatraz

The New Year’s Day Alcatraz Swim is one of the toughest of the year because of the low temperatures. The water can be lower than 50F, and so can the air. The tradition of a New Year’s Day Alcatraz mug started with Swim Commissioner, “Reptile” Tom Linthicum. Zina has completed four designs to date. These […]

South End Rowing Club History

South End:  Sport and Community at the Dock of the Bay is a comprehensive history of the South End Rowing Club.  Established in San Francisco in 1873, the South End is the oldest rowing club west of the Mississippi and one of San Francisco’s oldest sporting and social institutions.  Its history mirrors much of the past […]

Recognized for a Decade of Art

From logos and art for club swims, to posters for club functions as well as swag for the club’s annual biggest fundraiser, Zina has put countless hours into elevating the overall look of this historic institution. Thank you President Simon Dominguez for the recognition and appreciation! A few examples of Zina’s designs below:

House of Aïa

Though not Level Five’s usual bailiwick, we were contacted for some decorative illustration to dress up the page of this luxury hotel in Tulum, Mexico. The boy in the apple tree was a trial for style made for the art director at the beginning of the project. The image on the right–an early try at […]