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A Century of Medical Illustration

at Johns Hopkins, 1911–2011

The Johns Hopkins Department of Art as Applied to Medicine was founded by Max Brödel at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1911.

A century later the medical illustration community came together to celebrate an important legacy not just for Hopkins but for all medical art programs and all contemporary medical illustrators at large.

A show was produced to showcase faculty and alumni work spanning one hundred years.

Al and Zina stepped in to produce the catalog that will archive Brödel and his intellectual progeny. The first half of the book focuses on the art, while the second part preserves photographs of the students organized by graduation year. This was a special treat, as the medical art department houses a hallway with these photos. Any student that has ever stayed late in the department to work is bound to have wandered that hall looking back through history’s corridor at fun, curious and intelligent faces peering back with the same drive as the onlooker: to tell visual stories in as beautiful a form as possible!

The cover of the catalog features a portrait of Max Brödel by David Rini and a collage of alumni work put together by Jennifer Fairman.

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